Speaker Series

The Speaker Series provides a range of technical information, how-to-guides, and question-and-answer sessions with an array of experts. Presentations will be on the hour every hour of the fair.

Hot Tip: Bring a sketch of your property on graph paper or on an aerial printout from Google Maps with you to the Fair. You'll appreciate being able to note things you learn from your local planner, sketch ideas, and take notes.

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Financing your ADU

Hear from local lenders about the range of options and opportunities for financing your ADU plans.

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Learn the basics of adus, state law, and local regulations

Local planners will cover basic requirements and common questions, timelines and important check-in dates with various government departments, utility connection processes, bringing an existing ADU into code, and long-term and vacation rental regulations.

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Natural Building Tips, Universal Design, and more

Learn about various opportunities and aspects of designing an ADU. From wheel chair access to green design, experts will provide you with information, resources, and inspiration to help make the ADU of your dreams happen.