Now that everything is in order, it is now time to start building your ADU.

Manage Construction and Get Inspections

Once you have building permits, you can start construction of your ADU. Before you begin, ensure all funding is in place. If you are not working with a company to design and build your ADU, hire builders for the construction phase of your project. The builder you hire will lead this step. Communicate frequently with your builder and verify progress before making payments. Timelines for construction vary, but 12-18 months is fairly common.

Icon image of calendar year highlighting the final six months identified for Construction.

During construction, your ADU will be inspected multiple times to ensure it is being built according to the permitted plans. When complete, your builder will schedule a final inspection by calling (707) 445-7244. Once your ADU has passed, your ADU is ready for move-in! A week after final approval, you will receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

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