Finalize Design and Talk to County Planning Staff

Once you have your team in place, they will start to design your ADU. They will consider size, use, layout, specific project needs (storage, laundry room, etc.), architectural style, and privacy. It’s a good idea for you and your designer to talk with county staff once you have an initial design. You can reach out to the county informally with any questions or concerns by calling the planning counter or walking in during business hours. Getting feedback and identifying issues early on will ensure your plan gets approved. Also, the county owns sets of pre-reviewed ADU plans and is considering expanding their library which could save you time and money with the design and permitting process. Click here to view the plans or contact a county planner to learn more.

The county also recommends scheduling an application assistance meeting where staff will dedicate time to research your property and give you the opportunity to ask questions and review issues related to your project. While these meetings are only required if your project is subject to a Special Permit or Design Review, they may potentially become required for all building permits in the future. Regardless, meeting with staff either informally at the counter or through a formal meeting can potentially save your project from delays down the road.

Based on your meeting with county staff, you should have a checklist of submittal requirements plus information on fees. Your team will work through any required changes of the initial ADU plans in order to finalize the design and prepare the permit application.

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