Why an ADU

From benefiting your family to generating income and helping the community, learn why your neighbors built an ADU.

  • Our completely accessible backyard cottage is the perfect home for an aging family member with mobility issues. The highlight of the ADU is a large, enclosed deck that connects it to the lush backyard. Nestled among the redwoods that Humboldt is famous for, our little abode took the effort of the community to build.

  • With plenty of extra space in our funky home, we decided to convert one of the bedrooms into a small studio ADU. Skilled in trades, I had a lot of fun with the project by using reclaimed materials and a little creativity to keep costs down. The extra income goes a long way with a growing family.

  • We wanted to build an ADU to keep our son Gabe, who has both Downs Syndrome and autism, close to home while providing him with his own personal space. Building an ADU has given our family much more peace and we are delighted to know that Gabe is happy and taken care of in his own home.