• The Basics

  • Getting Started

  • Budget and Finance

  • Design

  • Permitting

  • Construction

  • Move In

The Basics

What is the difference between an ADU and a Tiny Home? Are there additional regulations to Tiny Homes?

Tiny Homes (THs) are smaller units up to 400 square feet including at least 120 square feet of first floor interior living space. Movable tiny homes (MTHs) have the same size requirements but are built on a chassis and meet park model RV standards. If a TH or MTH is installed on a permanent foundation, it is permitted and regulated like an ADU. Both must include functional areas for cooking, sleeping and sanitation. Additional design guidelines apply to THs and MTHs. No matter the design, ADUs cannot be on wheels.

What is the difference between an ADU and a JADU?

What’s the difference between an attached and a detached ADU?

What’s the difference between a site-built and a manufactured ADU?

Getting Started

How do I get started?

Am I allowed to build an ADU?

What zoning designations allow ADUs and JADUs?

How many ADUs and/or JADUs can I build?

How large can ADUs/JADUs be? What are the required setbacks?

Can I convert an existing garage or other structure on my property into an ADU?

Are there other location standards I should know about like airport safety, flooding, or geologic zones?

How long does it take to build?

Do I need to live in the primary unit to build an ADU or JADU?

Budget and Finance

What will it cost to build an ADU?

How am I going to pay for an ADU?

How will building an ADU affect my taxes and property value?

Are there any grants or programs to help me cover construction costs?


How do I find an architect?

Does the County have preapproved ADU plans?


What building permits are required for ADUs, JADUs, Tiny Homes, and Movable Tiny Homes?

Are there water or sewer issues I should consider?

Are there other utility issues I should consider?

What parking is required for an ADU or a JADU?

When is a Coastal Development Permit required?

What is the Safe Home Program?


How do I find a contractor/builder?

How can I keep construction costs down?

How long does construction take?

Move In

What do I need to know about becoming a landlord?

Can an ADU or JADU be used as a short term rental?